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From guides and tools to interviews and plant sales, Tom’s Carnivores is the go-to resource for growers of carnivorous plants.

About Tom’s Carnivores

Hello! My name’s Tom, and I run Tom’s Carnivores here at

Whether you’re a long-time greenhouse grower or simply curious about carnivorous plants, Tom’s Carnivores has something for you. On my blog you can expect to read species profiles, grower interviews, cultivation advice, and articles documenting my visits to many world-famous nurseries, private collections, and botanic gardens. This website also serves as my online shop, where I sell a variety of carnivorous plants suitable for growers of all abilities.

I live in Essex in the UK with my family, two cats, and lots of plants. I’ve been fascinated by carnivorous plants since I was first given a Venus flytrap at age 10, and have now been growing them for 2 decades! Tom’s Carnivores is my attempt to create a valuable resource for today’s growers, while also enabling fellow enthusiasts to buy new plants for their collection.

Me, sitting in the woods for a staged 'About me' photo.
Me, sitting in the woods for a staged 'About me' photo.

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Review Policy

I occasionally get requests from companies who’d like me to review their products on my blog. Assuming the product or service is relevant to my audience I’m happy to oblige, on the following conditions:

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The logo for Tom’s Carnivores is a painting of the tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes veitchii which I commissioned in 2017. It was painted by Alex Fritz, an extremely talented artist based in Spain who grows carnivorous plants himself.