Venus flytrap,


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Whether you’re a long-time greenhouse grower or simply curious about venus flytraps, has something for you. From guides and tutorials to book reviews and competitions, I aim to make this site into a useful resource for growers worldwide.

"My dear friend, I know that every discovery in nature is a treat to you; but in this you will have a feast."
Letter by John Ellis to Carl Linnaeus, describing the Venus Flytrap, 1769.


If you’ve got a question about how to grow a particular species, have an idea for a new resource, or if you’ve found a bug with the site, please get in touch via email.

The logo for this website is adapted from a painting of Nepenthes northiana by Marianne North, the brilliant Victorian artist and biologist. You can view all her work - which includes a number of Nepenthes paintings - at the Marianne North gallery at Kew Gardens in London.