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Nepenthes maxima. 1. A pitcher on a typical sale plant.

1. A pitcher on a typical sale plant.

Nepenthes maxima

Nepenthes maxima is a striking and easy-to-grow species that is found throughout Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, and the Maluku Islands. For sale here is a rooted basal cutting of my very large N. maxima from Borneo Exotics’s BE-3067 release. This is the best form of the species that Borneo Exotics knows of, which is why it features extensively in their breeding program - this particular clone is a female. It has very large red flecked pitchers and a wide, striped, burgundy peristome.

The first two photos show the exact plant you’ll receive, which is about 12cm in diameter and will be sent potted. The third photo shows the plant from which the cutting was taken, and the fourth is a Borneo Exotics stock photo which shows what you can expect from the upper pitchers.

N. maxima is a fast and adaptable grower, well suited to highland or intermediate conditions. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide. See delivery information.

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