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Nepenthes mikei. 1. A pitcher on a larger specimen of this exact clone

1. A pitcher on a larger specimen of this exact clone

Nepenthes mikei

Nepenthes mikei is a beautiful plant endemic to Sumatra in Indonesia. It produces small, delicate pitchers that are almost black in colour, with a lovely pale-green interior and bright peristome. It is a very rewarding species to grow and still rare in cultivation. For more information on this species, I recommend checking out this great video from Predatory Plants.

I’ve found N. mikei to be well-suited to typical highland conditions, and it enjoys high humidity. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide.

These are rooted basal cuttings from my larger plant, which was originally from Wistuba. These small plants are well-established, approximately 5-7cm in diameter, and will be sent potted. Postage costs £6 via first class signed-for delivery in the UK, and is free for orders over £70.

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