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Nepenthes palawanensis. 1. A pitcher on the sale plant.

1. A pitcher on the sale plant.

Nepenthes palawanensis

Originating from the island of Palawan in the Philippines, Nepenthes palawanensis was discovered in 2010 and is amongst the largest of all Nepenthes species. It has striking red leaves and giant pitchers. It’s believed to be closely related to the famous N. attenboroughii, although is known to grow even larger!

The first three photos of show the exact plant you’ll receive, which is approximately 8cm in diameter and will be sent potted. The fourth photo shows a wild specimen of N. palawanensis, photographed by Andy Smith.

Postage costs £6 via first class signed-for delivery in the UK, and is free for orders over £70.

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