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Nepenthes platychila. 1. A pitcher on a typical small sale plant.

1. A pitcher on a typical small sale plant.

Nepenthes platychila

Nepenthes platychila is a unique species from the Hose Mountains in Sarawak, Borneo. Like N. eymae and N. vogelii, its upper pitchers are dramatically different from its lower pitchers and display a wide flattened peristome.

This species is rare in cultivation and is best classified as an intermediate, growing at between 900 and 1400m elevation. While I grow it successfully in my highland greenhouse, it definitely prefers the warmer time of year. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide.

These are very young seed-grown individuals - you can see the magnificent mother plant in the third photo. Sale plants are around 6cm in diameter and will be sent potted. Very few availiable - don't miss out! Postage costs £6 via first class signed-for delivery in the UK, and is free for orders over £60.

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