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Nepenthes ventricosa x lowii ‘red’. 1. A characteristic pitcher on an adult plant.

1. A characteristic pitcher on an adult plant.

Nepenthes ventricosa x lowii ‘red’

This is a fantastic hybrid between the easy-to-grow highlander Nepenthes ventricosa and the beautifully bizarre Nepenthes lowii. Also known as N. x briggsiana, this cross is a fast grower which holds many pitchers at once. Its tough red pitchers inherit the wide open mouth and attractively striped peristome which often characterise N. lowii hybrids.

The first two photos show an example of the large plants (15cm+ diameter) which I am selling. They will come ready-potted. Photos 3 and 4 show a very large mature specimen of the exact same clone, so you’ll know what to expect when your plant gets a little bigger!

This is a very tolerant and easy-growing cross. While both parent species are highlanders, I’ve grown this plant successfully in both highland and warmer intermediate conditions. For more cultivation advice, see my Nepenthes Growing Guide. See delivery information.

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